OMEGA And Also The Olympic games: EVERY SECOND COUNTS

The Olympic games may be the only time the truly amazing British public are most likely to concentrate on gymnastics outdoors of the circus. With Rio 2016 now under way, we’re holding steady presents itself the medal table (we presently stand at 19 golds sometimes of writing) and also the greatest names within the sporting world happen to be flocking to South america to compete around the global stage. But there’s one name that, regardless of whether you notice or otherwise, you will see way over every other: Omega.

Unlike very many watchmakers, there’s more to Omega’s sporting partnership than the usual special edition or three. As margins get ever closer, the main difference between silver and gold becomes narrower and narrower. That old adage that each second counts has not been appropriate, and it is as much as Omega to make sure that every second is counted. But in 1932 when Omega first began its partnership using the Olympic games, things were… let’s say, under cutting-edge.

As opposed to the host of apparatus you can observe at Rio – from beginning blocks to cameras to Quantum Timers, the job ended with one man and an accumulation of 30 split-second chronographs – the height of precision timing technology.

Not too Omega were behind the occasions whenever you take a look at all of those other Games, these were really well in front of the curve. Within the 1936 Berlin Olympic games for instance, sprinters were reduced to digging their very own holes with small shovels simply because they didn’t have beginning blocks, such as the great, multi-gold-winning Jesse Owens.

Omega obviously did a great job timing every task of speed, endurance and agility perfectly. The watch manufacturing company continues to be the state timekeeper for 26 Olympics since, each one of these getting by using it not only a world-class spectacle, but actual, tangible advancements in precision technology.

In the 1948 London Olympic games, Omega ushered within an era by which machines grew to become better than humans using the first photoelectric cell, while in the following games in Helsinki, they started electronic time keeping.

1964 introduced by using it the Omegascope, a bit of technology that revolutionised the way we really watch sports. By superimposing the figures at the end from the screen, it permitted spectators to really keep an eye on what happening.

Omega has been doing plenty more to alter the face area from the Olympic games within the decades. Touch pads for swimmers to prevent the clocks, digital finishing lines, beginning pistols a lot more like Star Wars phasers – it’s no understatement to state the watch manufacturing company has formed modern time keeping.

Today Rio 2016 time keeping is basically unrecognisable in the 1932 games. As opposed to a single watch manufacturing company along with a briefcase of stopwatches, Omega’s 27th turn sees a complete group of 450 timekeepers considered lower by 480 tonnes of apparatus timing each race towards the millionth of the second. With Usain Secure approaching within the men’s 200m final on Friday, that’s an amount of precision they could need.

Grab your personal slice of Olympic glory and among Omega’s limited-edition watches, available these days at Goldsmiths on the internet and in-store. Here are a handful of watches to help you get started….

Omega Speedmaster Mark II Rio 2016 Special Edition

Omega Speedmaster Mark II Rio 2016 Special Edition

Where Rio 2016 is colourful enough to place Amazonian parakeets to shame, Omega’s more restrained undertake the commemorative timepiece is really a welcome change. In line with the 1969 brother or sister from the original Speedmaster, this form of the objective II rather decides for 3 subtle subdial rings in bronze, gold and silver. Placed using the Olympic emblem around the back and restricted to – obviously – 2,016 examples, it’s among the couple of Rio limited editions you’ll be putting on by Tokyo, japan 2020.

Omega Seamaster 300M Rio 2016 Special Edition

Omega Seamaster 300M Rio 2016 Special Edition

When you are forgoing crowded stadiums towards Copacabana Beach – very tempting – this is very probably the perfect watch. The 300m water proofing could keep it protected from errant waves, as the transferred wave pattern matches the beach’s famous sidewalks. The shades from the Olympic emblem are inset in to the ceramic bezel and also the emblem itself are available placed around the back. Again, the edition is restricted to 2016 pieces.


It’s reliable advice that Omega is happy with its heritage. And it ought to be with your achievements under its belt because the deep-diving PloProf and also the space-travelling Speedmaster, it features a lot to be grateful for. Sometimes, though, it may all obtain a bit much, similar to a doting parent insisting he teaches you photo after photo of his child.


So perhaps I am being excessively cynical here, but it’s not easy to obtain looking forward to another special edition piece honouring Omega’s gleaming history, then when the Bullhead Chronograph reissue made an appearance, it required me somewhat unexpectedly. When i first first viewed it nestled in among a cupboard of special edition Speedmasters and Seamasters, as well as it was by helping cover their its cock-eyed expression and glaring white-colored dial with chequered chapter ring, it’s difficult to overlook.

Just a little history: in 1969 (a great year for Omega), another chronograph premiered to sit down plus the headline-grabbing Speedmaster, however this time that it catered for that Seamaster line. Produced for racing motorists – making the Seamaster branding confusing, but lets just ignore that – this chronograph was rearranged to create activation simpler while manhandling a race vehicle around a circuit. For that pushers now protruding from the top situation within the fashion of a set of horns, the name, ‘Bullhead’, was created.


Which was then, which is now, the same is true the Bullhead have a location in Omega’s fall into line, or perhaps is it that is better left towards the pages in history? Knowing in the comments I received while putting on the timepiece, it’s easily the previous, because never has one watch grabbed attention that can compare with this with no need of gargantuan size, garish colours or absurd design. It’s sporty yet classy, bold yet elegant – it is the nail hit squarely around the mind.

According to Omega’s drive to re-establish itself like a top-level watch manufacturing company, the caliber of the Bullhead is first rate. Inside, the Frédéric Piguet-based calibre 3113 boasts Omega’s co-axial technology, as the outdoors is put together with exacting perfection – specially the crown mechanisms. The main one at six o’clock easily drives the rotating chapter ring, and also the twelve o’clock one winds and sets. An especially nice feature of this twelve o’clock crown may be the locking thread, which supports the Omega emblem perfectly aligned each time. More manufacturers must do this.


The down-side to any or all this quality is, obviously, the cost, which tips the scales at £6,070. This is not cheap by standards, however it does still sit easily under the price of a Rolex Daytona, the Bullhead’s nearest competitor. Could it be worthwhile? If you’re able to afford it, I’d agree, although there’s just a little problem: this can be a fantastic vintage reissue, way beyond an easy rebadging along with a special edition engraving, but there’ll always be that nagging feeling you could have spent less and purchased an authentic 60s Bullhead rather.

Montre Omega Speedmaster Blanc De La Lune

2015 est certainement l’année de la céramique Speedmaster à Omega – et nous ne nous plaignons pas. Ce petit nombre lumineux et blanc est le nouveau côté Omega Speedmaster blanc de la Lune. En 2013, Omega a sorti le Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon qui a été une surprise (et durables) hit qui a mis le plus récent Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial chronographe 1:1 réplique de montres avec la maison 9300 dans un mouvement tout noir Étui en céramique. Le côté sombre Omega de la Lune était sportif, furtif et très sexy – devenant rapidement “le” Omega à avoir, même pour les gens qui n’étaient pas traditionnellement les fans Omega.

Alors qu’est-ce que Omega va faire avec ce succès? Regardez plus de côtés de la lune, bien sûr. L’année dernière en 2014, Omega a sorti la version en céramique gris-plasma de la Speedmaster avec le côté Omega Speedmaster Grey de la Lune (hands-on ici). Notez que le côté Omega Speedmaster Gray de la Lune a été initialement appelé la “poussière lunaire.” Cela signifie naturellement que pour 2015, nous obtenons le Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon en céramique blanche. Il est assez cool que je ne pense même pas qu’il importe qu’il n’y ait pas vraiment un côté “blanc” de la lune. J’aurais préféré “Speedmaster Light Side Of The Moon”. Oh bien, il ne change pas cette montre sportive intéressante et estivale.

L’Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronographe n’est pas nouveau à la céramique blanche, en réalité, mais espérons que le Omega Speedmaster White Side de la Lune fera mieux que le dernier. En 2012, Omega a fait paraître une version blanche de la montre Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronographe (pratique ici) que je comprends n’a jamais été commercialement publié. J’aime vraiment ce modèle, mais je suis d’accord que le Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon qui correspond à la cadran en céramique blanche et l’insert de lunette avec un boîtier en oxyde de zirconium entièrement blanc le fait encore mieux. Il est tout à fait possible qu’en 2012, le monde n’était tout simplement pas encore prêt pour un Speedmaster blanc. D’après ce que je comprends, depuis, il est devenu cool de porter des réplique montres de sport pour hommes blancs (ce que je dis personnellement, c’est cool depuis plus de cinq ans maintenant – donc, pat sur le dos, Ariel).

La montre Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon est livrée dans la même taille de 44,25 mm de large que le reste de la collection Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph. Le visage en céramique blanche est équipé de mains en or blanc 18k et des marqueurs d’heure (au fil du temps, ils finissent par chercher mieux que l’acier). Contrairement à la réplique montres 2012 Speedmaster blanc, le Omega Speedmaster Blanc Côté de la Lune a quelques morceaux bienvenus de rouge sur le cadran – qui est un mineur, bien que le choix de conception bienvenus que j’aime. Trop de monochronisme n’est pas toujours bon.

À l’intérieur du Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon est le mouvement chronographe automatique Omega calibre 9300 fabriqué à l’interne avec un cadran droit à deux registres qui lui permet de suivre jusqu’à 12 heures avec le chronographe entre seulement deux sous-numéros. Il a la date à 6 heures, et le mouvement magnifiquement décoré est visible à travers le fond en verre de saphir en forme de cuvette – l’une des meilleures exécutions de tels dans l’entreprise. Attaché à l’affaire est une sangle d’alligator blanc avec quelques coutures rouges dans la doublure. Je pense certainement que c’est un look cool, mais avec les trois versions il peut être trop de choix dans la collection Omega Speedmaster en céramique, à moins que vous avez assez d’argent pour les acheter tous.