Breitling Chronospace Military Replica Watches Represent Technology and Power UK

A perfect example of Breitling instruments for professionals, the best fake Chronospace Military electronic multifunction pilot’s chronograph combines a black steel case achieved by a carbon-based treatment with an extremely rugged military-type fabric strap – making it the ideal companion on every mission and in the most extreme conditions. The bidirectional rotating bezel with compass scale features a highly original star-shaped bezel design facilitating handling even with gloves. This model’s exceptional performances are powered by a SuperQuartz chronograph caliber ten times more accurate than ordinary quartz and chronometer-certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute). The dial with its luminescent numerals and hour-markers and oversized hands guarantees optimal readability. Its two NVG-compatible backlit screens clearly display the many functions useful to pilots, including a 1/100th of a second chronograph with split times, alarm, countdown timer, dual timezone display with independent alarm and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). In addition to the anthracite or khaki-colored high-tech fabric strap, the swiss Breitling replica Chronospace Military is also issued with a sturdy and comfortable black steel mesh bracelet. All the details are delicate. You will not regret having this kind ofgorgeous copy watches UK which represent the high level and quality.

Breitling High-End Swiss Luxury Watches Complete Guide

High-end Swiss replica watch brands can be divided into two categories. One consists of all-purpose watchmakers like Patek Philippe, Omega, and Audemars Piguet – these companies develop timepieces on a long arch of specializations, including jewelry and fashion, diving and recreational sports, complications and functionality, casual wear, and more.

The other category comprises brands that prefer to focus on one or two niches: such is Breitling Navitimer 46mm, a Swiss brand that focuses almost exclusively on pilot’s and aviation wrist instruments, with a few exceptions in favor of diver’s watches.

Each mode of operation has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, going for everything at once might pose the risk of arriving at anything. Of course, one can hardly accuse Patek Philippe of that, but it’s important to consider that in terms of pure functionality each of its watches can be outmatched by a smaller specializing brand.

Today, simply no other watch brand can outmatch Breitling for professional aviator timepieces.


Breitling rely heavily on vintage-inspired functional design that principally prefers legibility and visibility to any decorative effects.

While recent additions gradually put on embellishments – for instance precious metals and stones, or Roman numerals – they will never compromise utility. The brand draws its authority from being an established watchmaker for professionals, and the aesthetic of its creations credibly reflects its character.


Subdials indicating time for the chronograph, calendar, and other type of information usually contrast strongly with the background: legibility, or, in other words, ease of read-off, stands out as one of several primary features that receive special attention in Breitling.

Resulting visual grid is functional, yet interesting enough to please the eye. Various women’s models, as well as such collections as Colt, Avenger, and Superocean, pay particular attention to appearance, rendering the watches impressive dressy timepieces.


Breitling insist on equipping all of their watches with professional chronometer movements. Tested and approved by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, these calibers emerge as the company’s exceptionally reliable engineering backbone – their ubiquity in Breitling Navitimer 48mm selection has become a sort of high-end luxury calling card.

Most commonly appearing complications include the chronograph, followed by such functions as second time zone, alarms, perpetual calendars, GMT indicators, and more. Professional timepieces contain

It’s important to remember that very few Swiss brands take such a total approach, most usually designating dedicated collections to these enhanced precisions movements.


Like all major Breitling collections, Breitling  Navitimer is a department of its own. It houses several sections – each constituting a unique line of watches that has its aficionados – all of which carry the slide rule, a bezel attached calculation tool that has become the most iconic Navitimer utility.

Dial configurations gravitate strongly towards simple, reminiscent of medical instruments, design; it’s a design in the service of function. The resulting look is still quite busy, as the numbers, indexes and the tracks fill the face almost to the brim.


Windrider watches adopt the chronograph complication as the primary function. As opposed to the Navitimer, these pieces display less crowded dials, and, unless color is employed, can present am almost awe-inspiring Spartan appearance.

Galactic steers the design towards the dressy and the casual, providing a kind of a conceptual pressure release valve, a point of rest from all the professional intensity of other Windrider, and in fact many other Breitling replica watches.


Professional timers begin to look less like watches and more like purposeful wrist instruments. Emergency, Aerospace, Airwolf, Skyracer, and Co-Pilot versions include a range of function and utilities, starting with a microtransmitter with its separate power source, auxiliary digital screens, oversized Arabic numerals, and more.

Like other offerings from this Swiss company, Professional pieces come equipped with a range of bands: leather straps, professional rubber straps (for divers), and classic or mesh stainless steel bracelets.


In many ways, these watches demonstrate a mature mix of features and visual design – a layout that contributed to their unprecedented popularity. Some of Breitling’s newest additions are here, and the confidence the brand accumulated during the last century and the beginning of this one radiates from them.

As the title implies, this department hosts both aeronautical and marine timepieces, outfitted with enhanced water resistance, luminous coating for the hands&markers, unidirectional rotating bezels, and other relevant specs.


Breitling’s association with Bentley produced several collections: Motors, Mark VI, Supersports, GMT Carbon, and Flying B. The latter, however, is unique in that it offers the only Breitling square timepiece – this radical shift in design is, no doubt, one of the foremost attributes that make Flying B such a popular and desirable watch.

Design characteristics include Continental style influences – generous treatment of dial space, laid-back, luxurious decoration of the bezel and the face, vintage styling. Tourbillon complication makes a rare appearance.

Breitling Limited Edition Airwolf Celebrates Naval Aviation Anniversary

Breitling has announced a unique timepiece to celebrate the 100th anniversary of naval aviation – the Naval Centennial Limited Edition Breitling Airwolf. The first piece in this series will make a special journey with naval aviators. Learn more and find wallpaper and pricing inside.

This commemorative edition features functions utilized by pilots: 1/100th of a second chronograph with split times, alarm, countdown, 2nd timezone with independent alarm, UTC and perpetual calendar. The NVG-compatible display backlighting system enables night-time read-off and a turbine-shaped caseback serves as a resonance chamber for the alarm.

500 pieces will be produced, with 50 given to the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation Foundation, of which Breitling is a Silver National Sponsor. For each additional watch sold, $100 will be donated back to the Foundation.

The first piece produced will make a special journey around the globe with naval aviators throughout 2011, and will arrive back in time for the closing event in Washington, D.C. on December 3, 2011. The timepiece’s travels will be documented and a log of the journey will be presented along with the watch at December’s ceremony.

This Breitling airwolf raven replica is just part of Breitling’s year-long salute to the 100th anniversary of naval aviation, which will include events and celebrations that tie in with the watchmaker’s long-time aviation partnerships. The 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation Foundation is a non-profit that aims to honor and raise awareness for naval aviation; Breitling was selected to be one of a small group of sponsors for the organization’s celebrations.