Bell & Ross BR-02 PVD Diver’s Instrument, Beautiful Low Price

Bell & Ross is doing something right. In fact, they are doing several things right. The French watch designer has been taking the watch world by storm since the release of the Bell & Ross BR-01 Instrument watch series several years ago. While the BR-01 took inspiration from plane instruments, the Bell & Ross BR-02 is all diver. The wearable submersible is not only a precision timing instrument ready to dive deeper than you ever will, but is also it is a handsome, masculine design well capable of continuing the reputation Bell & Ross has garnered.

Bell & Ross was formed in France very recently in watch years. Since the mid 1990s, Bell & Ross has taken a mission to make instrumentation and vintage watches cool again with often modern interpretation. All Swiss movements, and stunning design, the home run hit by the BR-01 series gives Bell & Ross the power and potential to take new risks. Never satisfied with mere image, Bell & Ross consistently provides watches that can back their image up with durability and performance. Expect to pay a premium for watches that actually back their sporty looks up with endurance in all conditions.

The BR-02 is rated at being able to withstand 1000 meters down into the deep. Who knows how deep you can really go with it, as no human will ever find out. Included among its features are an external pressure release that allows the internal pressure match the external pressure of the watch. While the watch comes in different colors and styles, I prefer the looks of the numeric version. The well crafted numbers on the face remind me of the haute Bell & Ross motif I have come to admire. On the right side of the watch are two well sized crowns. Big enough to be used with diver’s gloves, or any gloves for that matter. The upper crown is used for operating the internal rotating bezel for dive timing, or any measurement of up to 60 minutes.